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Discover the Grades of NBA Jerseys: Understanding the version ‘GU, AU, SW, RE’ at Hoop Jersey

NBA jerseys are a staple for NBA enthusiasts. Whether you revere the basketball deity of the 90s, Michael Jordan, or admire the post-2000 pillars like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or the recent super rookies Luka Doncic and Ja Morant, from Eastern to Western teams, from guards to centers, there's always a jersey that suits you perfectly. As many jersey novices step into the world of NBA jerseys, for personal wear or gifting, they find the realm of jersey collection is diverse, ranging from basic to high-end grades. Let Hoop Jersey assist you in swiftly understanding this today!

Grades of Retail NBA Jerseys
Since Nike became the official licensed manufacturer for NBA, the grades of retail NBA jerseys are narrowed down to Authentic Jerseys and Swingman Jerseys. In the past, considering market factors, jersey manufacturers introduced the budget-friendly Hot-Pressed Replica Jerseys (abbreviated as RE). Replica Jerseys, with their simple material, printing, and cutting, are the most basic choice in NBA jerseys, hence relatively cheaper. However, they don't withstand well over time, often succumbing to wear and tear especially under frequent washing. With the advent of new jersey materials, the RE grade gradually phased out, leaving behind only some merchandise like team warm-up gear and warm-up Tees utilizing this technology.

Swingman Jerseys (SW):
Abbreviated as SW, these are currently the most common choice in the market. Relative to general customers, Swingman jerseys offer decent quality, with a looser fit suitable for playing basketball or wearing over a T-shirt for a casual outing. Although they might not replicate every detail of the authentic jerseys, the designs are of good quality with fine detailing, and the material is lightweight, soft, and comfortable. Compared to Re hot-pressed jerseys, Sw jerseys are priced higher but are more durable and better for collection. If you desire a jersey for daily wear and casual play, Sw jerseys are a wise choice.

Authentic Jerseys (AU):
Abbreviated as AU, Authentic Jerseys represent the high-end choice in NBA jerseys. The term 'Authentic' inherently means ‘true game-worn jerseys’. Hence, Au configurations are more luxurious compared to Sw jerseys, with higher mesh count (usually double-layered) and finer craftsmanship. Authentic jerseys use the highest quality materials, and the embroidery on the lettering and team logos is visibly denser. Consequently, AU jerseys are heavier, more fitted, and priced higher, falling into the collectible grade. However, it's a worthy investment. If you are a true fan, you'll appreciate the quality and detailing of Authentic jerseys.

Authentic vs Swingman in Details

Beyond Retail: Game Used (GU) and Game Issue (GI) Jerseys
These categories refer to jerseys personally used (or issued for use) by NBA players in games. Besides assuring the highest quality grade, these are the dream collectibles in jersey collection. Generally, GU jersey collections come with a certificate and player's signature, distinguishing them from player-edition imposters. Since GU jerseys are not directly retailed, they don’t have a standard price; their value is derived from auctions or fan pricing, which may start a bit higher than Au jerseys but have no price ceiling.

Currently, all 30 NBA teams’ jerseys are designed by Nike, but authorized manufacturers aren’t limited to Nike. If budget is a concern, you can opt for Fanatics, which produces budget-friendly SW grade jerseys, or if you fancy retro jerseys, Mitchell & Ness (M&N), a century-old sports collectibles brand, is your go-to. A lot of time and effort by designers go into crafting classic and unique NBA jerseys. These jersey collections are not just about team branding for many fans, but also about reliving the fervent memories of youth. Regular sports stores mostly carry popular team SW grade jerseys with limited player choices and no customization option. At Hoop Jersey, we provide each fan the service of acquiring their exclusive player jerseys and various sports collectibles. NBA officially licensed jerseys (AU Player Edition, SW Fan Edition, Youth, Toddler jerseys) or Nike City Edition, Jordan All-Star, M&N Retro Series, you name it, we have it all, guaranteed authentic. For professional sports licensed collectibles and procurement, look no further than ‘Hoop Jersey’. Professional procurement, swift delivery. We continue to take orders!

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