Figure/ Model Product Packaging Process

At Hoop Jersey, we place immense importance on ensuring that our model products reach you in perfect condition. To achieve this, we have a meticulous packaging process designed to provide maximum protection during transit.

1. Protective Bubble Film Layer:
Each model product is carefully enclosed in a layer of bubble film, ensuring the packaging box remains safeguarded against impacts during transportation. This initial layer is crucial in absorbing shocks and preventing damage to the contents inside.

2. Sturdy Carton Packaging:
We use ultra-hard cartons specifically chosen to fit the product's dimensions as closely as possible. By minimizing gaps within the box, we significantly reduce the risk of internal movement, thereby enhancing the safety of the model product during shipment. Our team carefully selects these cartons to ensure they offer the best possible protection.

3. Secure Sealing:
Each package is sealed securely with yellow tape, providing an additional layer of safety. This tape not only reinforces the carton but also offers waterproof protection, ensuring the contents are safe from external moisture and liquid damage.

Special Note on Packaging Variety:
Due to the varied sizes of our model product packaging boxes, and considering that some are exceptionally large, it is not always feasible to adhere strictly to the packaging process depicted in our reference images. Some products may be shipped in their original cartons, while others may be placed in similarly sized alternative cartons. Our warehouse team exercises discretion in selecting the most appropriate packaging for each specific product to ensure its safe arrival. We appreciate your understanding of these necessary variations in our packaging approach.

Thank you for choosing Hoop Jersey. We are committed to delivering your model products with utmost care and protection.

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