“How to Spot Fake?” Complete Guide of Nike Authentic NBA Jerseys - 2024 Update

“How to Spot Fake?” Complete Guide of Nike Authentic NBA Jerseys - 2024 Update
Following up on our previous guide on identifying authentic Nike Swingman Jerseys, this post will guide you through the process of authenticating Nike Authentic player edition jerseys.

“How to Spot Fake?” Complete Guide of Nike Swingman NBA Jerseys - 2024 Update

Currently, the market has some well-made but FAKE Nike Authentic Jerseys, with many featuring literally every team and every player. Here are some details that can help you easily distinguish between Real and Fake versions:

Shape and Structure:
- From the front, counterfeit jerseys often have a larger cut, with additional fabric on the yellow side panels. This results in the white and purple stripes under the arms not fully covering the front.
- The lower tag on fake jerseys is larger and positioned higher, unlike the slender ones on authentic jerseys.
- Genuine jerseys tend to have a “U” shaped collar, while fake ones have a larger and less refined opening.

- There is a noticeable color difference in fakes, with white appearing dull, almost gray, and purple turning blue.
- The stitching is messy and careless.
- The mesh fabric of counterfeit jerseys looks like it just has a few holes, whereas authentic ones use Vaporknit technology.

Championship Badge and NBA Logo:
- The championship badge on fakes is dull and lacks luster, while on authentic jerseys, it is bright and refined.
- For the NBA logo, counterfeits often add an unnecessary white border, a feature of the Swingman version. Another common fake is an oversized figure, seen in the 2017-18 season version. Some counterfeit LeBron James jerseys from the 2018-19 season (when he joined the Lakers) might be produced using leftover materials from 2017-18. The font in the NBA logo also has subtle differences.
- The colors in the authentic NBA logo are bright red, blue, and white, while they appear dull in fakes.
- An often overlooked detail is the color of the stitching line. Fake jerseys sometimes use the wrong color for stitching, making it stand out. Authentic jerseys, however, use accurately matched thread colors that blend seamlessly and hide the stitches.

- Font style is a crucial indicator for veterans. On counterfeits, the white shadow on the right side of the “3” is neatly aligned with the purple part, whereas on authentic jerseys, the white base of the 3D lettering is offset lower.

Lower Tag:
The lower tag is always one of the most straightforward yet challenging areas to replicate in counterfeiting.

- Genuine jerseys feature two faint silver lines of stitching below the size number, which fakes often lack (though some fakes may have multiple lines).
- Logoman: On counterfeit jerseys, the Logoman generally appears thinner. The red space between the dribbling hand and body is more delicate, and the knee and ankle lack distinct angles, often resulting in a 'hooked' ankle appearance.
- “AUTHENTIC” Lettering: On the left side, the lettering of “AUTHENTIC” often varies in font. The most noticeable difference is usually in the letter “C” – it’s squarely shaped in genuine jerseys, while it tends to be more rounded in fakes.
- Right Side Extended Tag: The font on the right side extended tag of fake jerseys is often bolder and differs from the original.
- Serial Numbers: Many counterfeit jerseys on the market start their lower tag serial number with “THM431.” Seeing this sequence should raise a red flag, as it's likely indicative of a counterfeit product.

Counterfeit techniques are becoming more sophisticated, but careful comparison can always reveal the flaws. Hopefully, this will assist players and fans in identifying authentic Nike swingman fan edition jerseys.

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“How to Spot Fake?” Complete Guide of Nike Swingman NBA Jerseys - 2024 Update

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