“How to Spot Fake?” Complete Guide of Nike Swingman NBA Jerseys - 2024 Update

“How to Spot Fake?” Complete Guide of Nike Swingman NBA Jerseys - 2024 Update
Identifying genuine Nike Swingman NBA jerseys can typically be done through a few simple steps. Standard jerseys with embroidered team names, numbers, and player names are usually counterfeit. Genuine swingman jerseys feature the Nike swoosh logo in heat-applied material; any plastic or embroidered logos are likely to be fakes. However, unique editions like the Brooklyn Nets City Edition Biggie special or MVP special edition jerseys might feature embroidery.

When verifying the authenticity of new Nike Swingman jerseys, it's important to note a recent change in tag placement, which can impact how authenticity is determined. Unlike older versions, the location of tags on contemporary authentic Swingman jerseys can vary: they might be found on the shoulder, along the seam under the arm, and sometimes they may not include a bottom tag at all. This shift in tag placement means that the previous method of using tag location as a definitive indicator of authenticity is no longer reliable.

It's crucial to note that since 2021, Nike has changed the design of their NBA jerseys to have a longer back length. This means that for jerseys made in 2021 and onwards, the hem lengths being the same at the front and back is no longer an indicator of a fake. In older versions, differing hem lengths were a feature of authentic jerseys, but this is not the case with newer designs.

When examining the proportions of the lower tag, counterfeit jerseys often appear unbalanced, tending to be oversized, whereas authentic jerseys feature a slim, horizontal lower tag. This detail can be a helpful indicator in distinguishing between real and fake Nike NBA jerseys.

Genuine Swingman jersey sizes are typically 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 58, 60; other sizes indicate fakes. Inside the size label of a real jersey, the scan chip is fixed and immovable. If it moves freely, it's probably fake. However, the ability to scan with NIKECONNECT isn't a definitive test of authenticity, as this technology can be replicated and is common in fakes.

Genuine new-with-tag jerseys usually have three tags: left, right, and bottom. Compared to genuine jerseys, the lower tag on fakes is relatively larger. Experienced collectors can often spot differences in the font used for the team name and number.

When examining the lower tags, both the upper and lower examples are fakes. The top one incorrectly shows a size 46, which isn't available in the market. The fonts on these tags, especially the lower one, are visibly different from the authentic one in the middle. The "NBA" letters are slender on the authentic, while they are vastly different on the fakes.

 - Quick Test, Which one is fake? - 

Both lower tag images shown are fakes, and their sophisticated counterfeiting techniques make it challenging for average fans to distinguish at first glance. In such cases, it's necessary to directly compare the details with the official version.

In three magnified images, differences in the Logoman become the most crucial factor for identification. The authentic dribbling figure has a very upright body, while the two on the right show a noticeable leftward lean. The neck and shoulders are the biggest areas of discrepancy. The middle figure has a prominent bulge on the left shoulder and a head bending leftward, with an exaggerated left arm muscle line. The fake on the far right also has a head noticeably bent leftward, with rougher shoulders and left arm. The angle between the right elbow and shorts on the fakes is awkward, while it is clear and distinct on the authentic. Below the knee, the right two images show varying degrees of curvature, with the far-right fake even missing joints in the lower leg and ankle.

While counterfeit techniques are becoming more sophisticated, careful comparison can always reveal flaws, hopefully aiding fans of the new Nike Swingman fan version jerseys.

Guide to Identifying Nike Authentic NBA Jersey:
“How to Spot Fake?” Complete Guide of Nike Authentic NBA Jerseys - 2024 Update

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“How to Spot Fake?” Complete Guide of Nike Authentic NBA Jerseys - 2024 Update

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