NBA Shocker: Clippers' Star-Studded Lineup Falls Short in Debut Despite Harden's Arrival

NBA Shocker: Clippers' Star-Studded Lineup Falls Short in Debut Despite Harden's Arrival - Hoop Jersey Store

The two brothers are going to battle side by side again~
With Kawhi and PG13, the forward duo
Who could have imagined this lineup would take shape?
In terms of star power, this is already a super battleship

But the Clippers didn’t even play Terance Mann? What exactly did I watch? And they traded for P.J. Tucker, who is very familiar with playing alongside Harden.
If Harden can be happy playing here (which is important) and maintain last year's competitive level, then the Clippers are indeed a luxury battleship. Kawhi and PG13 will have an easier time playing, with Westbrook and Harden sharing ball-handling duties.

Westbrook and Harden definitely know how to play together, but will they both be starting? That's now a topic for Lue to worry about.
However, the Clippers also have their concerns, having lost Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum, Marcus Morris, three forwards, which means a significant reduction in the depth of what was once a proud frontline force.
But for the Clippers, it's also time to gamble, betting on Harden, making a final push in the era of the "PG13 & Kawhi" duo, not allowing the Warriors to monopolize glory. This NBA season is really crazy, the powers are all gambling for the championship.

I think the 76ers really lost out, given the number of draft picks revealed and the acquired lineup and ages (all on expiring contracts), I thought the 76ers were planning to rebuild. They have an excess of forwards and haven’t solved their guard problems.
Joel Embiid + Harden combination ended so abruptly, I have mixed feelings. I was once a 76ers fan and watched JoJo grow, so I am quite disappointed with this outcome.

However, trust the process, don’t we?

( Illusions crafted by the talented Polish artist Dariusz Jankowicz, whose work on Instagram at @aomdrawings captivates and inspires.)

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