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Nike NBA City Edition jerseys enter their seventh year, let's take a look at how the designers of each team incorporate the history of the city or related events into the jerseys.

Atlanta Hawks 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey
The slogan for this season's Hawks City Edition jersey is "Lift As We Fly," encouraging fans to unite and support each other. In terms of jersey colors - "Traditional Blue" is a tribute to the Hawks jersey from 1968; "Cream Brown" symbolizes Atlanta's diverse and rich style; "Infinite Black" represents the team's bold and relentless forward momentum. The abbreviation "ATL" conveys the warm hospitality of the southern city, and the number font reflects the down-to-earth style of the city.

Brooklyn Nets 2023-24 City Edition Jersey
The Nets' City Edition jersey is designed by renowned American artist KAWS (real name Brian Donnelly), with multiple color blocks pieced together, the team name rendered in KAWS's signature street art style, and the "XX" logo on the waistband of the shorts.

Boston Celtics 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey
"Committed to the Craft." is the slogan for the Celtics City Edition jersey, paying tribute to the sport of basketball and its artisans through the ages. The team name font is inspired by the YMCA building in Springfield, Massachusetts, where James Naismith invented the sport of basketball, and "Springfield, Mass. 1881" at the hem commemorates this historic moment. The green and wood grain on the sides of the jersey and shorts intertwine like a woven basket, with reinforced stitching at the junctions symbolizing the peach baskets originally used as basketball hoops. The logo on the waistband of the shorts features the original basketball design, declaring through multiple details that Boston is not only the birthplace of basketball but also the city with the most championship trophies.

Charlotte Hornets 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey
In the 19th century, the first branch of the United States Mint was established in Charlotte, during North Carolina's gold rush era. The Hornets' City Edition jersey is inspired by this, choosing the team's traditional Mint Green (also a nod to the Mint) and gold symbolizing gold as the main colors, with the team nickname "Buzz City" as the team name, and the totem on the sides of the jersey referencing the beehive of the hornet.

Chicago Bulls 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

In 1995, the Chicago Stadium, known as "The Madhouse on Madison," officially retired and was demolished, ending its nearly 70-year history, which included the Bulls' first three-peat. The vertical team name font mimics the signage of the Chicago Stadium; the parallel lines on the left side of the jersey and shorts pay homage to the stadium's elongated windows; the sketched team logo on the right side of the shorts symbolizes the hand-painted signs inside the stadium. This season, the Bulls will wear this City Edition jersey to pay tribute to the sports hall that accompanied the team for nearly 30 years.

Cleveland Cavaliers 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Playhouse Square is the largest performing arts center in the United States outside of New York State, which has survived fires in the 60s and 70s and now welcomes over a million people annually to performances, becoming a place of lasting memories, encouragement of dreams, and enduring passion. This season, the Cavaliers and Playhouse Square jointly launched the City Edition jersey, with the entire jersey in a curtain-like deep red, with gorgeous gold accents taken from the theater's decor. The team name font references the visual design of theater posters; the totem at the collar and cuffs comes from the theater ceiling cornices, hidden within the pattern are the Buckeye and the Ohio state flag; the large "C" on the shorts is surrounded by spotlight-like dotted decorations; and finally, a stage curtain-like design on the left leg, informing fans that a grand show is about to begin.

Dallas Mavericks 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The Mavericks' City Edition jersey this season collaborates with Grammy Award-winning artist Leon Bridges to pay tribute to rhythm and blues music through the jersey. Blues music has a history of 150 years, originating from African Americans, and the early blues music indirectly expressed the helplessness of facing racial discrimination and other challenges. Therefore, the jersey chose deep, gloomy colors, also echoing the melancholy and sadness represented by "Blue." One side of the jersey features a guitar string pattern; the other side is printed with handwritten lyrics by Leon Bridges. In addition to Leon Bridges' signature at the hem, there is also "For All of Dallas Fort Worth" dedicated to everyone in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Denver Nuggets 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

As the NBA's highest-altitude home city, visiting teams need to adapt to the challenges of geography, and even if they overcome the high altitude, Denver's home crowd won't make it comfortable for the visitors. The large "5280" replaces the team name, with mountains in the background, 5280 is not just the altitude, it has also been integrated into the culture of the Denver area.

Detroit Pistons 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

In the 80s and 90s, the "Bad Boys" led by Isiah Thomas were known for their strong defense and borderline flagrant physical collisions, making them a fearsome presence in the league at the time. This season's Pistons City Edition jersey pays tribute to the "Bad Boys," using the bad boy logo designed by the fans as the main axis of the design. The overall color tone of the jersey, the crossbones on the sides of the shorts, and the cracked "313" logo on the leg of the shorts all evolved from the bad boy logo. The "CD2" at the hem is a tribute to Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly, under whose leadership the Bad Boys reached the Eastern Conference Finals for five consecutive years, the NBA Finals for three consecutive years, and won two NBA championships.

Golden State Warriors 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The San Francisco cable car is the only manually operated urban cable car system in the world, and this year marks the 150th anniversary of the San Francisco cable car, with the Warriors paying tribute to it with the City Edition jersey. The unique wavy team name reflects the undulating terrain within San Francisco; the number font is taken from the number of the first cable car in 1873; the striped pattern on the sides of the jersey and shorts symbolizes the tracks that connect the city; the belt part of the shorts is the cable car's steel cable; the wheel on the waistband is the cable car's wheel; and the badge logo on the leg is inspired by the logo on the first cable car's carriage.

Houston Rockets 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Two NBA legends - Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler - created a sensation during their college years. Together on the Houston Cougars, they led the team to the NCAA Final Four for three consecutive years, with a fast offense and Drexler's various dunks earning the team the nickname Phi Slama Jama. The new season's Rockets City Edition jersey pays tribute to the two stars, using the same red and white elements from the Phi Slama Jama period, with a modern script font paired with the retro number font from the college jerseys. A highlight on the shorts is the astronaut dunking pattern, a nod to the "high-flying" style of the Phi Slama Jama era and to Houston, known as "Space City."

Indiana Pacers 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The Pacers simply showcase Indianapolis through the City Edition jersey - black represents the night sky; neon blue and yellow are like bright lights in the city; the splattered paint on the sides of the jersey evokes street graffiti; the team name font is also presented in a street art style, as if painted with a brush. The vibrant appearance of the jersey shows the city's vitality, colorful culture, and constant change.

LA Clippers 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The Clippers City Edition jersey is designed by famous Los Angeles artist Jonas Wood, who is also a season ticket holder for the Clippers, filled with the author's passion for basketball. The overall design of the jersey is inspired by the Clippers' jerseys from the 80s, choosing navy blue and ocean blue as the main colors, reflecting the Clippers' naval tradition. The newly designed team name incorporates Wood's signature basketball pattern, which is also added to the hem, along with Wood's famous plant paintings to make the jersey more recognizable.

LA Lakers 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

As one of the oldest NBA teams, the Lakers established the first dynasty in the 1950s, and this season's Lakers City Edition jersey takes us back to the 60s - when the team relocated to Los Angeles. The black base color represents the unclear future when the team first arrived in Los Angeles, the triangle team name was used in the 60s, and the number font is taken from the jerseys used between 1999-2017.

Memphis Grizzlies 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The black jersey with only a small amount of white elements and gold numbers, the Grizzlies City Edition jersey symbolizes the pure joy of playing basketball at home with a simple design. The "MEM" on the front is the code for Memphis airport, with the font inspired by the inlaid line design of the team's regular season jerseys; the gold numbers are taken from previous seasons' City Edition jerseys; the unique white lines on the left side of the jersey not only continue the asymmetrical design of the regular season style but also represent the geographical environment of Memphis city on the right and the Mississippi River on the left.

Miami Heat 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The design pays tribute to the team's culture, with "Heat Culture" emblazoned on the chest. It features the Heat's traditional black and red color scheme. The slogan "the hardest working, best conditioned, most professional, unselfish, toughest, meanest, nastiest team in the NBA" is displayed on the right side. The hem carries a quote from team president Pat Riley during a championship quest: "The Main Thing is the Main Thing."

Milwaukee Bucks 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Continuing with the lake blue theme from the previous season, representing Lake Michigan, this year's jersey includes polka dot patterns inspired by the Deer District crowds during the 2021 NBA Finals Game 6. The arched team name on the jersey is a nod to the Fiserv Forum's architecture, and the green accents symbolize the vibrant atmosphere fans create at the games.

Minnesota Timberwolves 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Minnesota's City Edition jersey is inspired by the leisure of lake life in the summer, featuring a water blue color with handcrafted water wave patterns. The shorts have the outline of Minnesota and the moniker "Land of 10K," with "Land of 10000 Lakes" also appearing on the hem.

New Orleans Pelicans 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

This jersey's black base with neon green lettering resembles the mysterious allure of New Orleans' nighttime streets. It celebrates the city's 300-plus years of history and its unique cultural heritage.

New York Knicks 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The Knicks' City Edition jersey is a collaboration with Kith, reflecting designs from the team's 1997-2001 jerseys and introducing stripes for the first time in Knicks jersey history. The layered team name draws from Gerard Kenny's song "New York, New York (So Good They Named It Twice)."

Oklahoma City Thunder 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

OKC's jersey honors the city's industry leaders who inject vitality into the city and drive cultural development. The vibrant colors reflect the positive energy of the city's arts scene.

Orlando Magic 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Embracing the "Rising Kingdom" theme, the jersey features Gothic fonts akin to medieval armor, symbolizing the team's resilience and ascension. The team's 35th anniversary is marked by replacing the "A" in the team name with a retro star.

Philadelphia 76ers 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Inspired by the over 130-year-old Reading Terminal Market, a symbol of Philadelphia's diversity and industrious culture, the jersey uses navy blue and continues the "City of Brotherly Love" theme. The font mirrors the market's neon signage, with an arrow pattern referencing the direction from the train station to the market, and the diamond-framed team logo design is drawn from the market's logo.

Phoenix Suns 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The Suns' jersey honors Mexican culture, with design elements from "Lowriders," reflecting the Mexican community's automotive customizing tradition. The team name "El Valle" in hand-painted Spanish letters signifies the art and fans of Spanish and Mexican heritage.

Portland Trail Blazers 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Paying tribute to famed coach Dr. Jack Ramsay, the jersey reflects his stylish fashion with a black base and distinctive plaid pattern. The team name font honors the 2017-18 City Edition jersey, and the hem features Dr. Jack's signature.

Sacramento Kings 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Celebrating the team's 100th anniversary, the retro-themed jersey redesigns the 1968 away jersey of the Cincinnati Royals, blending past blue colors with current Kings' grey elements and crowning the hem with the longstanding crown logo.

San Antonio Spurs 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Inspired by the 1968 World's Fair in Hemisfair, San Antonio, the jersey's vintage colors and font echo the fair's promotional materials, with shorts featuring the iconic Tower of the Americas and the "VIVA SPURS" slogan on the hem.

Toronto Raptors 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

The Raptors' jersey celebrates the city's passion for basketball with a gold primary color and lightning bolt patterns, incorporating the "We The North" slogan in multiple languages on the sides.

Utah Jazz 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Moving on from the past five years' design, the new jersey features the Jazz's signature purple and the mountain motif from the 1996-2004 classic jerseys, with added gradient design from previous City Edition versions, representing the Wasatch Range.

Washington Wizards 2023-2024 City Edition Jersey

Honoring the history of Washington D.C.'s establishment alongside the Potomac River, the jersey features 18th-century Gothic fonts and a red-framed grey diamond design symbolizing the district's original borders. The six stars on the jersey and shorts pay homage to the district's flag and Benjamin Banneker's surveying achievements, with the redesigned team logo incorporating the boundary stones.

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