Golden State Warriors 2022 NBA Championship Ring Handicraft (Stephen Curry)

Sale price$70.00 USD

Celebrate the Golden State Warriors' triumphant 2021-22 season with our NBA Championship Ring Replica. This stunning piece is a faithful reproduction of the original ring, designed by the renowned Jason of Beverly Hills, and encapsulates the Warriors' journey to their seventh overall championship.

Our replica ring is primarily made of yellow and white diamonds, a first in championship ring design, chosen to represent the Warriors' "golden age". The ring's design symbolizes the 16 playoff wins required to secure an NBA championship, a testament to the team's resilience and determination.

The face of the ring proudly displays the Warriors' logo, complemented by the player's number. A unique feature of this ring is a twistable side piece that reveals a compartment showcasing the Larry O'Brien Trophies each player has won, a hidden detail that adds a touch of intrigue and exclusivity.

One side of the ring features the player's name, the series results leading to the championship, and the Warriors' seven championship trophies, a nod to the team's illustrious history. The other side is adorned with the "Just Us" motto, a representation of the Chase Center's interior, and the "NBA 75" logo, commemorating the league's 75th season.

This Golden State Warriors 2022 NBA Championship Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of a victorious season, a tribute to the team's unity and perseverance, and a testament to the Warriors' golden age. Own a piece of NBA history and celebrate the Warriors' victory in style.