LeBron James "King's Face" Hand-Crafted Tufting Heavy Carpet Premium (Limited to 10)

Sale price$199.99 USD

Limited to 10 pieces

Elevate your space with the exclusive LeBron James "King's Face" Heavy Carpet, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and homage to the basketball legend. This premium carpet, featuring a striking hand-crafted design of LeBron's iconic face, is more than a floor covering—it's a symbol of admiration for one of basketball's GOAT.

Key Features:
Non-Slip Backing: Designed with a special anti-slip bottom, this carpet ensures stability and safety. Whether you're walking, running, or jumping, it stays firmly in place, protecting your floors from any damage.

Densely Woven Edges: Meticulously crafted with fine, dense yarns, the edges of the carpet are locked to enhance durability. This careful attention to detail ensures the carpet will not fray or unravel over time, maintaining its pristine appearance.

3D Plush Pile: Experience the luxury of our 3D plush pile, made from thickened ultra-fine fibers. This carpet offers an exceptionally soft and dense texture, providing a comfortable and indulgent feel underfoot.

Long-Lasting Quality: Constructed with premium materials, this heavy-duty carpet is built to last, making it a durable addition to any home, office, or fan cave.

Artistic Design: Each carpet is a work of art, featuring a hand-crafted depiction of LeBron James, making it a unique and stylish tribute to the basketball king.

Ideal for LeBron fans and basketball enthusiasts, this carpet transforms any room into more of luxury and sporty vibe.

Product: Cake Velvet Carpet
Thickness: ~25mm
Material: Microfiber blanket + glue backing
Weight: ~ 2kg
Size: 60cm x 90cm
1. Can be tumble dried
2. Washable
3. Do not bleach
4. Do not expose to the sun
5. This product cannot be folded for a long time to avoid creases on the carpet surface
6.Please keep away from open flames
7.Please keep the packaging bag away from children to avoid the risk of suffocation